Our mission is to help people who are confused about nutrition improve their habits & behaviours so they can eat, move and live better.

Welcome to Nutritional Blueprint

We run a nutrition lifestyle coaching service in the local community on the South Coast of England, covering Hove, Brighton and the surrounding areas.  We also coach clients online, across the UK and in fact across the globe.

Our mission is to help people define what is important to them and in turn help them write their own operating manual to ensure they can live the most satisfying life they possibly can.

Our services are designed to help you start that process.  Whatever your current knowledge, wherever you are in life.  We will help you focus on what’s important and guide you through the best next steps for YOU.  We will help you be kind to yourself, help you prioritise your values and goals and in turn shine a light on what you need to do in a fun and enjoyable way.

We also coach people who want to enjoy their chosen sport to the best of their ability.  So if you are training for a marathon, triathlon, taking part in cycle sportives we have many nutrition plans and coaching support designed specifically for your body-type and skill level.

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Creating You v2.0

Are looking to improve your health or gain a better understanding of the basics of nutrition?  Perhaps you are hunting solutions to solve a particular issue (fat-loss, weight-gain) or take part in a sporting event and need nutrition to support your goals? 

Whatever your goal is……You have come to the right place. Your success is dependant on the effort you put in, but we will ensure you focus your attentions in the right way? Our skills as coaches are based on 20 years of experience.  We will provide the fastest route to the goal you choose.

Your coach will be with you for the full length of your program and is always on hand to guide you.

Our Guarantee To You

We do not sell supplements in any form.  We do not charge you for generic meal-plan templates or ask you to count calories.  You won’t require a juicer or ever drink mucky green-shakes. We won’t be telling you to buy expensive organic food from “specialist” health food shops.   We do however provide you with a proven system to help you transform your body.    

We will always look at YOU first and create an action plan around you. What do you like, what don’t you like, how active are you?  What is your current understanding and cooking ability.  Everything is tailored for your skills, time and interest.  If you have tried dieting before and felt like you failed, it was because it was un-sustainable.  We guarantee that all our coaching is simple, sustainable and tailored around your daily routine.


Change your body, and your life, with support

from the world’s best nutrition coaches &  fitness experts

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Sign up to receive a FREE Meal-plan guide and guarantee our best discounts.

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