James Belbin

Coach, Mentor and Qualified Nutritionist

Helping you find you create your own operating manual

my primary objective is to get you implementing new habits which build your confidence in the world around you…

My Story

My name is James Belbin. I am a coach, mentor and qualified nutritionist.

I believe everyone has the ability to improve their situation with a little bit of habit coaching.

I am 48 and live in Lancing, on the South Coast of the United Kingdom.  I have a thriving online coaching consultancy business alongside running the local franchise of Tumble Tots, a pre-school activity class that gets children confident with movement and learning agility skills.

I also support a number of Facebook groups dedicated to helping people with Diabetes and Obesity and mentor individual members.

I am passionate about helping people who to grow their confidence whether that be in running their business, competing in sports or are confused about what they should or shouldn’t be eating navigate through the mine-field that is modern-day nutrition.

I am not your normal fitness coach turned nutrition expert. I understand what it is like to battle eating disorders, poor genetics, unhealthy living and everything in between.

I spent twenty years living the corporate dream in London but to the detriment of my health.  The usual story.  Overweight with all the usual elevated blood markers.  My mission is to help people make better choices and in doing that lead better lives.  It doesn’t matter where you start your journey from, what family situation, budget or skill level is, I start by understanding where you begin and build you up from there.

I look forward to working with you.

If you have ANY questions or concerns, please do let me know.

My Values & Beliefs


I am strongly evidence based but I believe that we can use experience to improve on science as well.


In todays information age, lack of knowledge isn’t the problem, acting on it is.


My philosophy is client-centric.  You know you best.  I help build confidence.

My Accreditations

MNU Certified Nutritionist - Mar 2019
James Belbin is a PN Level 2 Certified Coach

My Approach

I have a relaxed and informal manner.  My entire career has benefitted from this way of working.  I always feel the best person to tell the story is YOU and so we need to work hard on making sure our voice is heard.  And for people (like me) who are more introverted than alpha personality this can be a challenge.  So we create with the basics and find the brightspots, the things you are good at and comfortable with and apply that to new and improved habits.  This system can be applied to anything.  Building a business, improving your health and fitness or helping your children to thrive.  

james Belbin - coach, mentor, nutritionist

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Mindset Management

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