As a qualified nutritionist, my primary objective is to get you feeling more confident about your body which in turn will help build your confidence in the world around you…

My name is James Belbin. I am an evidence-based nutritionist and diabetes mentor.

I am 48 and live in Lancing, on the South Coast of the United Kingdom.  I have a thriving online business plus a consultancy studio in Hove (currently closed due to Covid). I also support a number of Facebook groups dedicated to helping people with Diabetes and Obesity.

I am passionate about helping people who are confused about what they should or shouldn’t be eating navigate through the mine-field that is modern-day nutrition. I have lost 19kg in body-fat adding simple daily habits and behaviours changes to my daily routine.  I have also placed my Type 2 diabetes into remission which I had struggled with for about 5 years.

I am not your normal fitness coach turned nutrition expert. I understand what it is like to battle eating disorders, poor genetics, unhealthy living and everything in between.

I spent twenty years delivering professional excellence in a corporate sales environment in the City of London.  In September 2013 I left my career behind to create something more fulfilling, an organisation that supports the local community, helping people to eat better, working with them on achieving their goals, whatever they might be. I feel we all have a part to play in helping each other to live better lives with freedom from the restraints of poor nutrition. You can learn more about my personal journey here.

I have spent the past six years qualifying in the fundamentals of good nutrition, improved dietary practices, the psychology of eating through evidence-based coaching – and motivational interviewing. Helping people make their own choices rather than telling them what to do.

I hope to change the lives of many people through better eating habits. Whilst I was studying I found there was a real lack of understanding about why nutrition is so complicated for so many people. I have been focussing on the emerging science of positive psychology and how it can be integrated with motivational Interviewing to help deliver a more balanced and holistic approach to health and wellbeing coaching.  I have spent 1000’s of hours talking to people about the which foods they choose to eat, why they make the choices they do, and simple ways of navigating round the problem, helping them to make their own decisions on what works best for them.

This is proven to create long-term benefits in eating behaviours.  I use evidence-based nutrition as my guide for success and I am fully insured to practice.

I do not sell supplements or have incentives from food manufacturing organisations, providing every client with a guarantee that we will promote real food, real support and real advice.

I am lucky to have learned my trade under the expert tutelage of Martin MacDonald and John Berardi.  Both of their unique styles and delivery have helped me to become the coach and practitioner I wish i could have met earlier in my life.

I focus primarily on Type 2 Diabetes obesity and those living with insulin resistance.  This will extend to PCOS clients and general sports nutrition as diabetics usually struggle to maintain regular sport that they know they need.

My mission is to help people make better food choices and in doing that lead better lives.  It doesn’t matter where you start your journey from, what family situation, food budget or skill level in cooking is, I start by understanding where you begin and build you up from there.

I look forward to working with you.

If you have ANY questions or concerns, please do let me know.

I help people who are confused about nutrition make life-long changes to their daily habits so that they can be more consistent with their food choices.