Your Nutritional Blueprint Film Night. If you fancy watching a few nutrition movies that we find interesting then check out some of these. Obviously some of them date quicker than others, but the message is still the valid, please leave comments for any that you watch and enjoy….

Option 1: Food Inc.

This Oscar-nominated documentary explores the food industry’s detrimental effects on our health and environment and reveals surprising — and often shocking truths — about what we eat, how it’s produced, and what we can do about it.

Option 2: Super-Size Me

This movie follows Morgan Spurlock, a hilarious and captivating filmmaker, on a 30-day fast food journey. See how it turns out for him. (Though you can probably guess…)

Option 3: King Corn

King Corn starts off a bit slow, but is well worth it. It helps put the American food system in context and what we can do to improve it. Furthermore, it illustrates the power of consumer demand.

Option 4: Our Daily Bread

If you’re a bit of a cinemaphile, check out this compelling and beautifully shot series of images from food production in Western Europe.

For more on this film, check out the film’s website.

Option 5: Lbs.

Neil is seriously overweight and addicted to food. When a health scare shatters his comfortable routine of over-eating mamma’s cooking and Vito’s pizza in Brooklyn, he moves out to a trailer in the woods to confront eating, his weight, and himself. For more, see the movie website.

Option 6: Fatso

This is an older, quirky little movie starring Dom DeLuise (remember him?).

When his overweight cousin dies of a heart attack, Dominick’s brother Frankie convinces him to go on a diet. Then, Dominick meets a girl… and has to choose between love and food.

Option 7: Pumping Iron 2: The Women

A classic documentary about women’s bodybuilding in the 1980s, and a follow-up to the hit Pumping Iron.

Option 8: Girlfight

This one will get you feeling all femacho and wanting to punch stuff. One of Michelle Rodriguez’ first films, it explores what happens to a teenage girl who takes up boxing.

Option 9: Bigger, Stronger, Faster

In the film Bigger Faster Stronger, documentary filmmaker Chris Bell explores the supplement industry, eventually showing how easy it is to make his own “supplements”.

He hires casual day laborers to fill capsules full of rice flour in his kitchen, then prints fancy labels listing a “proprietary blend” of secret ingredients. What costs him $1.40 to make, he says he can sell for $60.

Bell’s experiment is satirical, but the reality isn’t very funny.

Option 10: The Men Who Made Us Fat and The Men Who Made Us Thin

These are BBC TV shows, so they’re good for smaller bites (so to speak).

The Men Who Made Us Fat looks at the food industry and how it creates extra-tasty, extra-appealing yet nutrient-poor products; as well as how changes in the last several decades have created an obesity-promoting environment. We’re all marinating in it, and it’s hard to resist.

The Men Who Made Us Thin are obviously high-fiving the Men Who Made Us Fat as they tag team on creating a weight-loss industry.

Both investigative journalism programs explore how “fatness” and “thinness” aren’t about “willpower” or “character”; they’ve both become industries with very real effects on average people.

Where to find these

Start with Netflix, iTunes, and/or Youtube.

Or even your local library, which may have some of the older ones on DVD.

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