• Do feel you know enough about nutrition?
  • Could you write your own nutrition plan?
  • Do you find yourself lacking in energy and motivation before you attend your chosen exercise…
  • then feel bloated and too full post your exercise?
  • Have you struggled with understanding what you should eat, especially when it comes to exercise?
  • Do you know how to eat enough and be well hydrated?
Would you like to know the answers to all these questions?
We can empower you with the knowledge to succeed in all areas of nutrition, health, body composition and performance?
First up, We begin by classifying clients into one of three general categories (or somatotypes):
  • I types (ectomorphs),
  • V types (mesomorphs), and
  • O types (endomorphs).
Choose which one suits you best…

For the full printable infographic without a sign-up choose this link….
To read more on the article that created this infographic, head to Precision Nutritions website here..


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