Our next guest blog post is on the topic of menopause, from Yanina Purcell, owner of Fit2BU Health Coaching.

We have known Yanina for over 15 months now as she is a Precision Nutrition Super-Coach.  We worked together on her introduction to ProCoach and have built a strong relationship over the months as we both fine-tune our online coaching techniques.

Yanina is my go-to subject matter expert on the subject of menopause.  In her own words…

“I help women entering and going through menopause to feel sexy and vibrant again. Using a combination of nutritional, fitness and mindset coaching, I work with women to help them achieve their ultimate fitness goal in a supportive and positive way. I believe in a holistic approach to health and that it is never to late to start or continue to strive for a better lifestyle. If you are wondering why your health and fitness routines are not working anymore, you are in the right place. I can help you reprogram your life.”

Over to Yanina..


If you would like to join one of Yanina’s coaching programs, please get in contact with her, here.., I would definitely encourage it.  If you are currently experiencing the menopause but would also like to lose weight, Yanina’s programs will definitely help focus your ambitions and support your diet.

Would like more information and tips on menopause, jump onto her Facebook page here, for regular tips and advice and to meet others going through similar experiences.

Feel free to ask any questions below or on our Facebook page where this post will also be hosted. We will answer your questions.  If you would prefer to ask them privately, please send a PM and we will answer them that way,

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