10 Top Tips to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes (or Pre-Diabetes)

DISCLAIMER:- Type 2 Diabetes is a serious medical condition and as such you must be led by your healthcare team.  If they want you on medication then you must follow their lead, no matter what you read on the internet.  As responsible nutrition coaches, we must stress this.
Ignoring or failing to address Type 2 Diabetes – whilst being almost symptom-free in your younger years.- can lead to seriously horrible complications in later life. The best advice once diagnosed is to act immediately and make changes to your lifestyle and nutrition.  The longer Type 2 diabetes goes un-treated the harder it is to reverse as your internal organs deteriorate with the high levels of glucose in the blood stream.  Symptoms WILL worsen and medications will need to be increased as time goes on.
Type 2 Diabetes is an incredibly complex condition and there are no quick fixes, no miracle cures and no foods you can eat that will reverse your diagnosis.  Weight-loss is key.  The quicker you can get it down the better.
Things can be improved if you start immediately, take it seriously and get the support from your healthcare team.

3 tips for reversing Type 2 Diabetes.

  1. Look at reducing your calories.  Immediately.  I am afraid you need to eat less.  No excuses.  Get over it and eat less, there are many ways to eat less, but the two most effective are 5:2 diet and the intermittent fasting approach.
  2. Implement Intermittent fasting techniques:- Give your body a break from eating for as many hours as you can.  For instance you could try 16:8.  Basically, last food at 8pm, next meal at 12pm the following lunchtime.  It only has to be twice per week.  5 days eating normally, 2 days take it down to 800 calories.    It’s ok to skip a meal like breakfast as long as it doesn’t lead to over-eating at the next meal.  Go slowly and adjust accordingly.  The quicker you make this change the quicker your body will get your glucose levels down to normal levels and you lose body-fat.
  3. Eat from smaller plates (convinces your eyes you are eating more). Smaller portions equal less calories..the plate will massively help.  A well filled side plate will help you feel less deprived than a large plate with a smaller portion. No-one likes being deprived. 🙂

Power Up with these next 3 tips

  1. Walk everywhere. Buy some walking boots and get out there. Including take a 40 minute walk after big meals (helps get that calorie burning going).  See if you can make 5-7km every day. Any exercise is great, but walking is so much more effective as it doesn’t increase your appetite.  Never run or jog.
  2. Don’t eat starchy carbs where possible. Swap rye bread for normal bread, no pasta, limited white rice only. If you must eat them, try only having them for dinner. And only what you can hold in your cupped palm.  Keep low carb without being overly restrictive.  Definitely none for breakfast.  Theres no magic wand with low-carb, however you will generally eat less so thats the key.  Have a peek at this…
  3. Every meal should contain lean protein (chicken/turkey/pork/fish). One palm for women, two palms for men.  A fist or two sized plus portion of vegetables. Add in some fats, a thumb shape is enough.  If you chose carbs, a cupped handful is sufficient.  Eat the protein, then veggies, then fats then carbs. You will be satiated better and if you can eat slow you might leave some carbs.
Portion sizes for women with Type 2 Diabetes Portion sizes for men with Type 2 Diabetes

Download these infographic files here….

Try these first, it takes a couple of weeks for new habits to become instinctive.  Give it time.

6 More Tips for success

Double up and go for the win with these second more advanced tips:-
  1. Eat slowly and to 80% full. If eating slowly then you will not finish your meal. Make less. Fork down between mouthfuls. Concentrate and don’t watch tv.  If you can make dinner last 15 minutes you are a winner!!
  2. Eggs and veg for breakfast.  Get those calories in early with protein and fat and vegetables.
  3. Sleep more. At least 8 hours. No excuses, children go to bed at 8pm…needs to be quality sleep.  Create a sleep ritual.

and then lastly, if you have a larger amount of weight to shift, try these supplements to help build a strong anti-inflammatory micro-biome/gut health.  Generally we don’t think most people require supplements, but in the case of T2D these have shown to have significant assistance in blood glucose management, inflammation and weight loss.


  1. Increase Omega3. Liquid Fish Oil.  Capsules if you really cant stomach the taste.  You can buy flavoured oil on Amazon but be careful where it comes from . We put it in smoothies for a lemony flavour..  Have it first thing in the morning to get those healthy fats into your body.  If you combine it with Tip 7 you will be firing on higher fats and low carb which is a great way to start the day.
  2. Take a probiotic.  This is part of wider advice to look at your gut health in more depth and we will discuss that in future posts.  Fridge-based capsules are the ones to go for. Multiple strain, Multiple amount.  Also learn which foods are high in natural probiotics.  Drink kefir.  Probiotics will help restore essential bacteria in the stomach which will help fight inflammation and in turn your diabetes..
  3. Build muscle. We highly recommend joining this Facebook Group:- Diabetes, Muscle and Fitness Now this one might not suit everyone, but everyone could really do with more lean muscle,  Male or female, young or older.  The more lean muscle you have the more insulin you will use up supplying glucose to the muscle.  Less cardio and more weight training is good advice for most people.

Our goal with this list is to help people

Being realistic with your diagnosis can be very hard to deal with initially and we understand that more than most.  As a result you can be really active, healthy and eat good food and still be Type2 Diabetic. Therefore your healthcare team, whilst having your best interests at heart and not always the most supportive in your journey, so listen to what they say but do your own research,  Create your own blueprint for reversing Type2 diabetes.

The important thing with T2 Diabetes is that its completely individual.  You will need to find YOUR balance.

Where to go next for Type2 Diabetes help?

Diabetes and Things - T2D

Reach out to us if you want to have a conversation with a team that understand what you are going through. Sometimes connecting with other people with the condition really helps. The Diabetes.co.uk Facebook page is also a huge resource for support and help.

If you are newly diagnosed with T2D and would like more information, please follow this link.

For more information on diabetes

we recommend you join the Diabetes.co.uk forum as they were the most informative about the causes, symptoms and explanations. Consequently we think they have more accurate and up to date advice than most of the official Diabetes charities, including Diabetes.org.uk who are both severely hampered by government intervention and supermarket sponsorship.

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Good Luck, you can reverse this!!

James Belbin

Lead Coach, Your Nutritional Blueprint



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