In this article, we discuss how you can improve your nutrition without resorting to fad diets.

First we need to identify what is holding your back

Nutrition and lifestyle coaching is the latest in personal development and support.  Modern life throws a lot of challenges at us.  Work, stress, social pressures, getting older and focusing on our children are all things that keep us busy and distract us from looking after ourselves.  As we reach middle age, our health becomes more important but for a high proportion of the population, something that gets harder to stay on top off and for some even more challenging.  The media exacerbates this situation, rotating articles about how we should look or what we should eat, ultimately confusing people by adding stress to a growing list of un-completed daily activities that we feel guilty about. If you are searching for answers to help you improve your nutrition then you have come to the right place

How did we get in this mess?

Surely, we don’t need a coach to help us choose which food to eat? We learn as much as we need to in daily life and supermarkets guide us well, right?  No. Inadvertently, our law-makers, healthcare practitioners and ultimately the food industry (and in particular “healthy eating” movements) have attempted to guide people what to do.  How to eat. What to eat. When to eat.  Consequently, it has created confusion and now we appear faced with a monster (obesity) that we can’t control.  Spectacularly failing to address a problem it sets out to solve (improved health).

We have to stop being influenced by the supermarkets

Mainly because the food industry relies on high volume product sales to make profits. This means people are guided towards buying easy to eat, cheaper food so that money can be made. Because time is limited we rely on supermarkets for nutritional guidance.  These same supermarkets have made it a million times worse by selling us what they say “It’s what we want”, but actually it’s what they can make the most profit from. We end up buying products8= because it’s discounted or overspend on highly marketed “superfoods” and end up missing out on what our ancestors would even recognise as food. Have you noticed vegetables are more expensive than chocolate for example?  How did this happen? 

We currently exist in a world of easy access calories and a more sedentary lifestyle.  

reduce stress

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Where jobs are scarce and make us work longer hours and this lack of time makes less likely to be active.  This can then lead to unhelpful behaviours such as inactivity, analysis paralysis, yo-yo dieting, binge-eating and activity levels way less than is necessary as we struggle to balance our daily routines with the time we have available.  

The fitness industry hasn’t helped for a lot of people either.  Exercise is good, but with all the misinformation around nutrition, calories and how much you really burn when you exercise, people aren’t getting the results they hoped for.  A term called “sedentary athlete” has emerged to describe people who sit at desks from Monday to Friday and then over-compensate at weekends in running races and obstacle course racing whilst being over-weight and never losing body-fat.  It’s simply not enough.

“You can’t outrun a bad diet” has never more been relevant than now.

To improve your nutrition today you need to work on what works best for you. We have to learn to ignore the media:-  “Eat this to look good”, “if you don’t want to die then eat this” Is it any wonder we have lost sight of what we need for optimal health?

In summary, we eat the wrong foods at the wrong time, and feel guilty about it. Then, we mess around and try exercising it off. However, we’re not really making much progress, and each year we find ourselves getting a little older.

Our great-grandparents wouldn’t recognise this lifestyle and nor should we.

You can improve nutrition today, with some very simple habit changes.

So, what is the solution?

The problem is we have completely lost sight of what “real” food is.  Our taste-buds don’t even recognise the flavours like they used to.

And this is what coaching is best at delivering.  By taking things back to basics ,and adding new habits, step by step we help our clients approach a more simplified way of looking at nutrition.  We offer portion sizing individualised for the client. Not a one-size fits all model. And NOT making it more complicated by eliminating entire food groups like mainstream dieting.  This means we can nourish you quickly and effectively with foods that will make you feel happy, support your nutritional requirements and further support your lifestyle needs. Rather than subtracting foods we add in new habits and behaviours that allow your body to adapt. It’s that simple. We educate on what works for you, personalising the foods you do like and working on improving behaviours that are holding you back from progress.

We know from research and experience that this is the key to long-term success.  

It is a simple premise and largely easy to implement. A client will always say that the process is so much simpler than they thought it would be.  Creating simple habits and behaviours that can be integrated into any lifestyle and lead to progress that is easy to track and review. Feedback from over 100,000 clients has shown this is the simplest and safest way to make a transformation.

The best transformations happen when you are in control.  Our goal is to improve your nutrition as fast as possible. Removing any limiting factors that are holding you back.

Improved nutrition can be realised very quickly as you control the way you want to change, including the rate of change making it sustainable. And more sustainable means better results.

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