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Create Your Nutritional Blueprint blog posts represent our thoughts and feelings about nutrition today.  We want to provide honest, trustworthy information that bucks the trend of traditional health and fitness blogs that are simply advertising products in return for exposure or cash.  We won’t do that.  Our goal is to help you reduce the amount you spend on nutrition. We will try and keep it lighthearted and fun, but also informative (evidence-based) and useful.  We will post our favourite recipes, thought leadership around nutrition and improving better eating habits and the latest topics we think you would like to hear about.  We will also feature guest blogs from people we look up to as well as example lessons from our coaching programs. I hope there is something for everyone in here. Add to your news feed so that you get each post as they are released.

If you would like to guest blog, please get in contact. Please feel to share any blogpost you like, but please use the full link please. I am available to elaborate on podcasts if you feel my expertise would help your audience.

Five  Reasons your Garmin might be holding you back

Five  Reasons your Garmin might be holding you back

It's Sunday 11am. And you are stopping at your local cafe for a well earned coffee and cake.  Your Garmin has auto-paused and says you’ve covered 60km this morning.  Only another 40km to go, homeward bound for your 3rd century ride of the year and it's only the end of...

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My Story…Why I became a nutritionist

My Story…Why I became a nutritionist

Hi. I’m James Belbin, Nutritionist and Type 2 Diabetes mentor.  Founder of Your Nutritional Blueprint and the lead coach in our Diabetes Food Academy. I like to think of myself as a healthy lifestyle architect, mostly because that description neatly describes what I...

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