We are a growing company.  Always on the lookout for charming and forward thinking staff. Would you like a career in the fastest growing movement in health and fitness.
If you feel you have something to offer our business we would love to hear from you.
You can work remotely, and our pay will be fair.
We are an equal opportunities employer.
Vacances will be posted here as they are announced, bookmark this page if you want to be an earlybird….
Current Vacancies.
In September 2018 we will be looking for more PN Certified Coaches to support our growing online business.  More details to follow.  you will be expected to be level 2 accredited.
We will be looking for coaches with expertise in menopause. Athletes and cyclists and the gut microbiome.

We find keeping our Facebook and Instagram feeds up to date exhausting.  If you feel you have the skills to help us, drop us a line, we offer internships during school holidays for interested parties.

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