Creating your nutritional blueprint is very simple.  We work with the things you do like and can-do whilst building your confidence and knowledge with daily lessons and new, easy to practice habits.

There is a good chance you found our website because you typed “what is the best diet, “meal-prep help” or “how to portion size” … into a search engine and ended up here. Hello and welcome if you did. ūüôā

I created our community project in 2015 because, like you, I had struggled to find proper reliable information about what food I should eat. What MY body needed to thrive, to be fuelled correctly for the lifestyle that I lived.

And thats the purpose of our coaching. To introduce to you what YOU can do to improve nutrition that supports YOUR life goals.

An operating manual if you like.  For You.

What is a Nutritional Blueprint?

We will build your nutrition around you.

Nutritional support tends to fall into one of two categories:-

Prescriptive – Do this to look like this. Gym trainers/diet plans etc.

Reactive – If you feel like this, try this. Nutritional Therapists/Dieticians

Where a coaching system differs is that we will spend more time getting to know you. ¬†We will try and understand the things you are good at, and like doing, and pinpoint the things you don’t like, aren’t very good at, or are holding you back.

From there we will then create an action plan to take forward.  Creating small achievable tasks and habits you can succeed at. We will monitor and reflect and then adapt your plan.

Sound simple?  Its meant to be.  We truly believe simplification leads to success.

And thats how we approach nutrition coaching. ¬†We know others will want to sell you meal plans to stick to. ¬†Prescribe the same course of action that worked for another client and duplicated for maximum appeal. ¬†Perhaps you’ve tried this approach before? ¬†We certainly have. Try them out, then come and talk to us.

Our guarantee is that we will always focus on you.


Good nutrition is more than simply the food you put in your mouth.

It’s also about WHAT, WHY, WHEN and HOW we eat. ¬†Weight loss is scientifically dead simple. ¬†Take on more calories than you burn and you will gain weight.¬† Eat less and burn more and you lose weight. ¬†It really is that simple.

So why is it so difficult for so many people?

Because, generally people focus on the wrong things. For instance, worrying about whether a food is good or bad isn’t really helping you to live a healthy lifestyle, likewise eating really well, but always in a rush and under pressure. ¬†Or, sleeping for 5-6 hours a night and living your life at 100 miles per hour might also be the cause of your problem.¬† How about work pressure, social environments? All of these are can be improved, but how many of us, honestly are even aware they are affecting us?

We as a society have got ourselves in a bit of a pickle when it comes to “healthy”. ¬†We spend so much time discussing whether doughnuts are bad or that crisps have little nutritional value and yet we still eat them. Regularly.

We will help you focus that its actually the process of ADDing more good stuff into your diet that is the key, not SUBTRACT-ing the things that you enjoy away.  Using a combination of mindfulness techniques, motivational interviewing and supported with award-winning software we can directly improve your knowledge and confidence very quickly which in turn will help you to improve your relationships with food.

And doing MORE of the things that make you smile.

All of our coaches will help you review these in a fun and informative way. We will take a snapshot at the start, apply some simple habits and guidance to help you create your own operating manual, personalised just for you.

Working out your Nutritional Blueprint will turn you into a Superhero much quicker than other methods, and, heres the thing:-

Sustain it for life.

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