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We believe that good nutrition advice should be free to all.

So if you want to have a chat about your nutrition here is my guarantee.

We can book a FREE consultation to talk about YOU, YOUR LIFE and YOUR current nutrition.

We will give you some pointers and tell you if we can help you further.

We PROMISE to be honest and there will be no hard sell.

NO recommendations to take costly supplements or dodgy carbon-copy meal-plans.  

Just good,  honest advice you can integrate into your daily routine.

If this strikes a chord and you have goals you need support with then talk about looking at your nutrition in more detail. Depending on your goal.

Book yourself in here and choose the best time for me to contact you.


Dr Seuss

Dr Seuss

You will receive:-
  • An hour of time spent investing in improving your daily nutrition.
  • An action plan to work on going forward.
  • A FREE portion sizing guide for your specific requirements.
  • How to fine-tune your current nutrition to provide maximum energy.
  • A FREE guide on how to avoid pointless calorie counting.
  • Nutrition Tips for busy professionals and home-carers.
  • How to be a Kitchen Superhero Recipe E-book. 
  • Follow up emails and access to the best discounts on our services.
  • Guaranteed Real Advice and Support.
Who is this aimed at?
  • Anyone and everyone, whatever your situation, age, sex or gender.  I will tailor your nutrition to help you achieve YOUR goals.
  • Anyone who feels restricted by diet plans,  exhausted by online “resources” or simply just confused about what to eat.
  • Maybe you’re tired of being at war with your body and fighting food?
  • If you have struggled with issues including, but not restricted to: Motivation, Binge Eating, Perfectionism/Overanalysing, Emotional Eating, Stress, Anxiety, Worry, Overwhelm, Self esteem / Confidence, Feeling bored and unfulfilled?
  • We will work on better eating strategies that fit in with YOUR life.
  • It takes time to change, BUT you can make small changes immediately that will have an effect.
  • Thats my promise to you!
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Discuss the next steps to a better version of YOU!


FREE Calorie Counting & Portion Sizing Guide

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Discuss the next steps to a better version of YOU!


FREE Calorie Counting & Portion Sizing Guide

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