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Eating is personal, not all food is for all people, all of the time.

Do you ask yourself:- “Is my diet broken?”,  or “how do i stay in shape when I am busy”?  Or perhaps you are just puzzled about your lack of progress, you believe you eat well, take regular exercise, but struggling to fall asleep at night. If you googled questions along these lines and ended up here.  Welcome.  🙂

We have the answer, but first we need to explain.  The answer to this and all these related “health”, “nutrition” or “best diet” questions, is… “IT DEPENDS”…. It depends on YOU!. Your lifestyle, your daily routine.

Sound flaky?  Its not, we as nutrition coaches realise that EVERYONE is different.  We need to identify YOUR limiting factors.  The things that are halting progress in its tracks.  These may be physical limitations, time management pressures, work – life balance.    There is no such thing as “best diet” or a blanket exercise that suits everyone.  This is why modern media, fitness instructors and “body coaches” are constantly contradicting themselves.  They jump from fad to fad without real care for their clients.  Their intentions are honest but quite often misguided.

There will be a solution that works for YOU!  And we will help you create your own blueprint for FREE!!

You don’t have to be a professional to benefit from this guide, anyone who has a busy life and wants to change the way they look, feel or act. Our helpful 20-page infographic bundle will get you started on a journey to get in the best shape of your life. Whatever your current skills, we have some tips and tricks to help you get the most from your nutrition from the get-go.

Whats in this guide….

    • The surprising truth about why you’re struggling to lose weight, or gain muscle  (pssst – it’s GOOD news for you!)
    • The BIGGEST mistake that is stopping you from benefiting from the the effort you have put in.
    • How to uncover your limiting factors that are holding you back from moving up to the next level…

People come to us with media-skewed nutrition ideas and sometimes pretty ridiculous goals, so we decided to produce this document to help explain them, then guide you towards a solution that is personalised for you.

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Who are we? Why trust us?

Hello! I'm James 🙂 I am Lead Coach with Your Nutritional Blueprint.  I spent 20 years in a high-powered, intensely stressful sales enviroment in the city of London.  My body suffered from the pressure, poor nutrition and generally living at 100 miles an hour. Everything I tried for fat-loss was a waste of time. I failed and repeated the cycles continuously until my weight hit nearly 130kg. I also developed binge-eating behaviours and food allergies that appeared randomly and without warning.

Unitl 2012, when I discovered Precision Nutrition's award-winning coaching system, ProCoach.  In 12 months I lost 12kg in body fat, 30 inches of my body and reversed Type II Diabetes. I took back control of my eating and focused on what I was good at, rather than what I wasn't. I transformed so much of my life, I finally understood that it was my behaviours that were causing my problems and that they could be addressed with my coaches guidance.

It worked so well, I felt transformed.  A new beginning.  I quit my job, and spent the next 3 years retraining as a Precision Nutrition certified coach with a focus on helping indviduals improve their habits and behaviours and achieve life changing results.

We started coaching in 2015 to help more people succeed in changing their life for the better. Our goal is simple. Reduce the burden of obesity for as many people as we can.  It is possible!  Together we can tackle obesity, if we understand that we all need to take more responsibility for our behaviours and "using" food as a main source of comfort.

Our client centred coaching programs guarantee you will see results. We deliver using an evidence-backed curiculum that over 100,000 clients have lost over half a ton of fat loss with.  Your Nutritional Blueprint are the UKs longest serving ProCoach team.

Brighton and Hove's Number 1 Weightloss Coaching Team

Don't just take our word for it, here are some testimonials from some of our recent and current clients:- 

Improve your nutrition and fitness with James Belbin

Going to James Belbin, my nutritional coach, taught me how to eat properly. I learnt what to eat, where to buy it and how to prepare it.  My sessions were informal, full of helpful suggestions, and they inspired me to shop for and prepare healthier meals than I had been used to. Julia, Brighton, Face to Face client

Nutritional Blueprint has changed the way I eat without setting lots of rules about what I eat. It isn’t a diet, it is an educational system which makes you think about what, when and how you are eating. It will change your way of life for the long term rather than being a short term fix. I have only been following the programme for 9 weeks so far, but it has made a massive difference already. I highly recommend this programme if you want to change your relationship with food and to improve your health and lose weight. 

I am thoroughly enjoying my ‘lessons’ and habits, the information is given to you in a simple, yet effective manor, on a daily basis, so you aren’t overwhelmed, and it is very informative and so it sticks with you.

I really recommend this course to anyone looking to change their way of eating as opposed to being told what to eat and when (which seldom works in my opinion!) 

Linz - Brighton - 14 week program

I couldn’t be happier with the changes am experiencing thanks to James and PN. He is a very good coach. He provides lots of resources according to my own needs. The most useful aspect of the program is how it helps to improve not only my weight and shape but also my mind and my knowledge about nutrition. I am more able now to do better choices regarding food. And best of all, I can see lasting results every week. It requires a bit of time but if you are looking for a long lasting change on your weight, improve your energy levels, learn how to live healthier or all of that, I highly recommend James and this program. 

Merche14 Week program

This is a really simple, yet effective programme. Through the power of making tiny changes, over a number of weeks, you suddenly realise that you’re making healthy nutrition choices as second nature. From something as simple as portion sizing, to the psychology behind why we make certain decisions with our food choices, this programme is informative, eye-opening and game-changing. James is a very supportive coach, always available to offer advice and tasty new recipes to try!

Jodie - 14-Week program

James, Thanks so much for your support and guidance throughout the programme, I’ve lost more weight than I thought imaginable. I’m a busy individual (part of the reason that I was carrying a few too many pounds), therefore the format was ideal for me. IThe regular calls and emails were really reassuring, and the additional advice regarding my diabetes was much appreciated. Not only have I lost a considerable amount of weight, but my blood sugars are dramatically lower to such an extent that I’m not required to see my diabetic nurse for another six months.

James Tayler - 14-week Coaching Program


A baby steps programme to creating your new identity by embedding all of the right habits to get you there. James works alongside you as you take all of the necessary actions to be, do and have the body and energy that you want. Whatever your dietary preferences, this program works at a very deep level in a very easy way.

Michelle, Brighton

With James as your guide you can’t go wrong following this programme, and if you do his simple but caring no nonsense approach will allow you to shed the guilt and blame and get right back on track. For anyone who feels overwhelmed by all the contradictory and complicated nutrition advice out there, this programme is going to make you feel very happy and motivated.

Scott, Brighton Tennis Coach

Great for post natal women to maintain healthy eating and habits at what can be a very challenging time with food. As I am fully breast feeding I received great support making sure I had enough calories for my milk but also to lose the excessive weight I gained in pregnancy. Doing your measurements is really rewarding as you really feel the results. Easy to follow habits that are very doable with excellent support. I highly recommend this for all new mums

Nicola - Weight-loss Coaching for Women

James and the Nutritional Blueprint Programme has transformed my life. Not only has the diet meant it has reduced my stomach problems but it has been a lifestyle change. I have noticed all the foods that change my mood, have been addicted too and it has revolutionised the way I think about foods and the internal reaction to my body.

Karen S - Camberwell Elimination Diet - 4 weeks.