We partner with organisations that we feel synergy with and support so in turn they will help us deliver an excellent service.

We will recommend local and online business.

Local means the the South Coast of England, within 30 miles of our headquarters.  We will look to create a referral network of nutritional therapists and sports nutritionists so that we can introduce clients that have specific requirements that we can’t fulfil.  We will look to work in the community and work with doctors surgeries, physiotherapists and of course personal trainers.  If you are based in Brighton, Hove or the surrounding area and you feel we could add value to your business we would be happy to be contacted about opportunities.

Online, as we also coach online, we will look to partner with a wider range of online partners still fulfilling the above criteria.  We will not use this relationship to sell supplements unless we feel they add real value to our client base.  If you are looking to promote your range of weight loss powders, pills or fat burners.   Please move along, there is nothing for you here..

Otherwise we look forward to hearing from you.  Each partners image will link to their business


Reset Your Weight Website

Hi, I’m Amanda, and, welcome to Reset Your Weight!

My basic foods that I enjoy daily are more traditional: bone broth and cultured, fermented foods for a healed and healthy gut micro-biome so that any food’s nutrients are properly digested, absorbed, and optimised like solid gold by your body.

Follow me on Instagram to see just how easy it is to incorporate real ingredients and traditional foods into your meals for a healthy weight lifestyle.

Check out the Reset Your Weight Facebook page to watch LIVE fermented food DIY videos and for other great food and nutrition website

I’d love to help you #findyourflavor and find freedom from food cravings through a real food lifestyle.



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