Testimonials and Case Studies.
Personal journeys are always fantastic to be involved in and as such we encourage all our clients to keep us updated with all success’ large and small.
Our focus will always be on assisting the best client journey and not simply our social media requirements.  We will share selected testimonials and case studies.  Please note, permission has been granted on all photos shared here.  We will not share your stories or photos online without your prior consent. This is your journey.  If you would like know more about some of our success’ please get in touch and we will introduce you to other clients privately.
Catherine reviewed Your Nutritional Blueprint – 5 stars

Nutritional Blueprint has changed the way I eat without setting lots of rules about what I eat. It isn’t a diet, it is an educational system which makes you think about what, when and how you are eating. It will change your way of life for the long term rather than being a short term fix. I have only been following the programme for 9 weeks so far, but it has made a massive difference already. I highly recommend this programme if you want to change your relationship with food and to improve your health and lose weight.

Catherine, High Wycombe

Going to James Belbin, my nutritional coach, taught me how to eat properly. I learnt what to eat, where to buy it and how to prepare it.  My sessions were informal, full of helpful suggestions, and they inspired me to shop for and prepare healthier meals than I had been used to.

Julia, Brighton, Face to Face client

Scott T reviewed Your Nutritional Blueprint5 stars

With James as your guide you can’t go wrong following this programme, and if you do his simple but caring no nonsense approach will allow you to shed the guilt and blame and get right back on track. For anyone who feels overwhelmed by all the contradictory and complicated nutrition advice out there, this programme is going to make you feel very happy and motivated.

Scott, Brighton

Tennis Coach

A baby steps programme to creating your new identity by embedding all of the right habits to get you there. James works alongside you as you take all of the necessary actions to be, do and have the body and energy that you want. Whatever your dietary preferences, this program works at a very deep level in a very easy way.

Michelle, Brighton

Procoach 2015 Photo Testimonials. (12-month program)
The next few photos are not my clients, however they are extraordinary people that have had huge success in the PN program in Canada and have offered their success to coaches to use as testimonials. My initial program is only 3 months in (as of Dec 16) but we will add pictures once we reach the summer and the end of the program.  Note, we are talking about life-long changes to habits over 12 months, not quick weight-loss that will pile back on within 3 months which is a common problem with dieting.


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