As you can see from the graphic above, we ask people to think about their motivations for change.  These can be deeply personal, but more importantly not all of them are personal.  Quite often we have clients where their motivations are external.  “I feel like I should….” or “my partner thinks I should be…”.

Transformations that start like this are rarely successful, so it’s important we help people focus on things that match their values, that they can aspire to, so we can align those values with their goals.  Starting this way and helping choose an achievable goal are really important in creating an environment where success can be achieved.

A coach can help you define and refine your actions that will help you reach your goal.  This is where we differ from other programs.  Without a close understanding of what motivates you, it is infinitely harder to provide you with the support you need to achieve it, We also use outcome-based decision making in our coaching practice, put simply this is where we focus on behaviours needed to achieve the outcome, NOT the outcome itself.  For example.  If your goal is weight-loss.  rather than focusing on your weight, we will create an action plan that leads to that goal. ie decreasing calories at each meal for a week, or going to the gym consistently for a month. This subtle change in goal setting pays huge dividends.  Creating simple habits and behaviours that can be integrated into any lifestyle and lead to progress that is easy to track and review. Feedback from over 1000,000 clients has shown this is the simplest and safest way to make a transformation.

The benefits of coaching can be realised very quickly as you control the way you want to change, including the rate of change making it sustainable.  More sustainable means better results.

If you want to start creating your blueprint, read this post for support with creating a really strong why.

NOTE:- The Whys above are real answers provided by Your Nutritional Blueprint clients.

Who would benefit from nutrition coaching?

As a guide, we have fine-tuned our coaching to best support:-

  • Yo-yo dieters/Binge-eaters
  • Type2 Diabetics (and Pre-diabetics especially)
  • Ex-slimming club members.  (The people it didn’t work for)
  • Depressed, anxious and disordered eaters.
  • Executives and high stress individuals
  • Post-natal mums.
  • Fussy Teenagers.
  • Adults awaiting NHS operations that require weight loss. (Free of charge)
  • Transgender and gender fluid on hormone therapy.

For too long the diet industry has attempted to guide people what to do.  How to eat.  What to eat.  It has inadvertently created a monster and spectacularly failed to address the problem it set out to solve because the whole industry relies on product sales to make profits. This means people have to fail in order for the system to evolve.  Supermarkets have made it a million times worse by selling us what they say is what we want, but actually its what they can make the most profit from.  Have you noticed vegetables are more expensive than chocolate.  How did this happen?

We currently live in a world of boom and bust, unfortunately creating behaviours such as orthorexia, yo-yo dieting and binge-eating as we struggle to balance our daily routines with the time we have available.  The media love to stir it up.  “Eat this to look good, if you don’t want to die then eat this”

Is it any wonder we have lost sight of what HOW should be eating?

Weight watchers and slimming world help so many 1000’s of people each year, but end up selling them food that isn’t food and creating behaviours that unsustainable and, frankly damaging.  You are more likely to rebound to your previous weight with a slimming program than any other.  Our great-grandparents didn’t approve of these changes to nutrition and nor should we.  But we do.

Eat Real Food.  Eat it slowly and mindfully.

The problem is we have completely lost sight of what “real” food is.  Our tastebuds don’t even recognise the flavours like they used to.

And thats what coaching is best at addressing.  Adding habits and foods in slowly that allow your body to adapt is the key to long-term success.  It is a simple premise but largely difficult to implement because it sounds boring and un-challenging.

Through coaching, you will learn the basics of good nutrition via simple habits and we will help you tailor them to match your goals. We will then help you maintain consistency and be there if you find the going tough. The best transformations happen when you are in control.  Our goal is to get you in control as fast as possible. Removing any limiting factors that are holding you back.

What type of person would benefit from nutrition coaching?

We work with a wide variety of people.  We are constantly surprised by the requests we get for information and support.  Some people simply want a sanity check on their understanding and we can start there.  Find out what they want to achieve and let them get on with it.

The solutions are almost always far simpler than you would imagine.  No need for meal-plans, calorie counting, mucky shakes or sugary bars.  We promise we rarely use the word SUPERFOOD!!

We also offer FREE services to those who need operations on the NHS that require weight loss, which we think are unique to offer.  If you struggle to understand what your should be eating and you need to lose weight for an important operation then we can help you out. FOR FREE. Get in touch via the contact form if this describes your situation, we would love to hear from you,

We would also like to hear from more transgender or gender fluid individuals who may have had or are considering surgical procedures as there is lots of evidence that improved nutrition helps hormonal balance. We have some great progress in Brighton that we can share.

Our sessions are very informal and always start with you and your requirements.  There is no one-size fits all plan.  Shorter programs are designed for people who know what they want and just want a push in the right direction, the longer coaching is aimed at supporting people who want to make changes to their deep-set relationships with food.  All are easy to start and we can adapt as necessary.

Start by booking a FREE consultation and we will ensure you know which plan would suit you best.  No obligation to continue and full money back guarantee if you aren’t happy with our services.

We guarantee that we are NOT trying to sell you crappy meal plan templates, no mucky shake recipes and certainly no supplements.

So whatever your age, whatever your current nutrition level and whatever your goal we can provide you with evidence-based guidance. No pseudo-science or mass-marketed “advice”  just quality well established personalised advice and support,



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