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What can diabetics eat for breakfast?

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Avoid starting the day with a processed sugary breakfast cereal, try these simple and easy ideas to keep you full until lunchtime

Delicious Breakfast Ideas

As a Type 2 Diabetic in remission, I used a combination of these recipes to get my diabetes under control in a matter of weeks.
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What can diabetics eat for breakfast?

When we have been diagnosed as a Type 2 diabetic, we need to be careful of our morning blood glucose levels, as we tend to wake with elevated levels because of early morning hormones causing us increased insulin resistance. If we then gulp down a sugary cereal or simple jam on toast we run the risk of high blood glucose levels for the rest of the day.  Which is not a good thing as it’s raised levels all day that negatively impact our vital organs. Instead, it is a good idea to lower them with a filling protein breakfast that will digest slowly and power you through to lunchtime?


A varied breakfast containing protein, carbs and fats is good for our health

Protein is slow digesting and will keep you fuller for longer

Slow release carbohydrates are key to keeping us full of energy

Consuming vegetables helps keep you fuller without increasing calories

Healthy fats are good for optimal health and balance our energy

Green Cuisine Fritatta

Super simple, no frills, eggs and veggies.  And you are off!! Go!!
Diabetes Breakfasts 1

Wild Rice Kedgeree

“This delicious spicy mishmash is our highest-protein breakfast, thanks to the haddock and egg”
Wild Rice Kedgeree

Chocolate Oats/Weetabix

The ultimate mix of protein, slow release carbohydrates and fibre. For those that don’t have time.
Diabetes Breakfasts 3

Breakfast Muffins

These tasty muffins are the perfect brekkie, and sure to keep you feeling full till lunch
Breakfast Muffins

What can diabetics eat for breakfast? Download this FREE guide.

Ten amazing recipes using a wide range of products that are simple and easy to make.  Using fresh ingredients, without complicated processes or equipment.  Some can be prepared the night before for the early risers and some may be better suited to lazy Sunday mornings around the house.  We hope there is something for everyone…

Ten High Quality Low Carb recipes
All the breakfast are from fresh ingredients which will help keep your blood glucose smoother all day.
Four Meat and 9 Vegetarian breakfasts
Eating a low-carbohydrate breakfast doesn’t have to mean consuming lots of meat.  We have curated a mix of styles that offer much variety.  Vegan swaps can be made with a number of the recipes.
Top 10 Breakfasts from a leading UK Diabetes Facebook Group
We asked a Facebook group with over 12 thousand Type 2 Diabetic members what they found were their best breakfasts.  I have shared the Top 10 best breakfasts here.
Top 10 Tips for Diabetes Management
There is a lot of contradiction online about successful diabetes management, we share our top ten tips to achieve remission inside.
British Measurements
We use metric food measurements making it easy to understand, unlike most that you find online. We also have prepared an easy to print shopping list that can be ordered online supermarkets.

Who Am I?

I am James Belbin.  I have successfully managed my Type 2 Diabetes for about 5 years.  Having spent most of my life overweight, I decided at age 40 enough was enough, I quit my high stress job and took myself back to school to study nutrition and behaviour coaching.  I was fed up with years of yo-yo and fad dieting.  I had to change, my diet wasn’t working for me, no matter what i tried.  Studying to become a nutritionist soon made me realise where I was going wrong.  It wasn’t so much the food I ate, it was my relationship with food and the ways I used food to sooth my emotions and lack of confidence.  It has been an eye-opening experience learning to understand how long term dieting affects our confidence in what is optimal for us to eat. I am now fully qualified and have chosen to specialise on obesity and diabetes management.  I currently reside in Lancing, West Sussex with my partner Nini and two wonderful children. Tallulah (4) and Max (1).  I very much look forward to helping you create super fun breakfast recipes that will support getting your diabetes under control.

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“James taught me how to eat properly. I learnt what to eat, where to buy it and how to prepare it.  Informal, full of helpful suggestions, and inspired me to shop for and prepare healthier meals than I had been used to.”

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Not only have I lost a considerable amount of weight, but my blood sugars are dramatically lower to such an extent that I’m not required to see my diabetic nurse for another six months..”


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What can diabetics eat for breakfast?

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