Who Are Precision Nutrition?

Precision Nutrition are world leaders when it comes to Nutrition coaching.

A Canadian company that had its roots in sports nutrition coaching and has successfully applied it to mainstream nutrition.

Their clients have shifted over 1,000,000 pounds in body-fat.  Thats impressive.

We chose them to be our partners for a number of reasons, mainly because of their no-nonsense approach to simplified dieting.  Modern dieting has had us bogged down in counting calories and extreme fads for far too long. When we looked for support at the start of our own nutrition journey their basic programming offered a more personalised approach then you get from a clinical dietician from your local health service.

We found this invaluable having been frustrated with lack of progress following diet programs in the past. Trying to create a philosophy of “keeping things simple” is much harder to implement than you might imagine. Especially if you use the internet as your guide.  It is very easy to get distracted.  Precision Nutrition helpfully structure the coaching to build from the ground up, working with your current skill level and building from there as opposed to traditional methods of following a generic meal plan template.

Their way is straightforward.  We love that!!

Secondly, we found their approach to looking outside of food refreshing.  Stress, sleep, relationships, live-work balance and mindset all play a part in their coaching, and needs to be addressed carefully, thoughtfully and systematically in order to support your own physical requirements. How often do you hear that from fitness instructors or nutritional therapists? Our bodies are a reflection of our state of mind and so why waste tons of money on expensive supplements if you are creating tons of stress in your life undoing all the good work?

One of the conundrums we help clients solve is:-  “Mowing the lawn while your house is on fire”; a metaphor for focusing on insignificant details while ignoring the really important ones.”

That’s like worrying about what percentage of carbs your meal should be as you shovel your dinner down in 5 mins flat while watching TV.  Are you guilty of this?  As most of us are at times, it seems obvious when you point it out, but we are so lost in the outside world, our eating becomes so far down the list of priorities to even the most ardent health concious person.

Lastly,  they are a company that only focuses on coaching and not selling supplements to un-suspecting clients is rare in the fitness industry and we found their values and goals aligned very closely with what we wanted to deliver to our customers.  We will never sell supplements to you.  We don’t need to supplement our income with after-sales that suit only the manufacturer and the seller.  We might refer you to a nutritional therapist if we think you have a deficiency that needs specific supplementation but other than that you have our full commitment to avoid selling you products you don’t really need.

Thats our guarantee.

We use their communications in all of our programs.  We are listed on their website as fully accredited Level 2 practitioners of their coaching and have over 20 case studies from happy customers here.

Our lead coach, Coach James has completed the 12 -month program twice running and reversed Type 2 diabetes in the process of losing 16kg in body fat and improving his body-fat by 8% in the process.  To become a Level 2 coach it also takes 18 months of education to complete the coaching certifications.  This means James has spent the best part of four years fully immersed in PN coaching.

And the important thing here is, he has failed at it, at times.  Making him the perfect ally to coach others.  More about James’ journey here.

So back to Precision Nutrition and what they can offer you as one of our clients:-

Precision Nutrition carve their own path, constantly tweaking and improving methods based on the latest in nutrition, exercise, and psychology research.

They offer guidance and support helping tens of thousands of people every year to make life-long changes to their eating habits, no matter what your goals or lifestyle.

I’ll let Precision Nutrition themselves explain how they approach making these changes:-

How to eat better. How to eat right for YOU!

How Do PN create their programs?
*Research-based. Science-proven.*

After 15 years in the industry and working with 45,000+ people, research and science continues to be the backbone of what Precision Nutrition do.

*Daily practices that build over 2 months.*

Getting in shape is difficult and takes time. That’s a truth people in the mainstream media don’t like to admit.

Quick fixes don’t last. “Hacking your body” isn’t effective in the long run.

But just because something is difficult doesn’t mean it’s impossible. That’s why we take a different approach than most:

We take complex nutritional problems and break them down into small, strategic daily practices.

Small practices that build, one on top of the other, for at least 3 months. Small practices that match our clients’ lives and lead to the greatest possible results with the least amount of stress or worry.

How do PN ensure success?
*Accountability, consistency, and personal attention.*

Whenever we try to change something about ourselves, the world likes to push us back. Everything around us (and often everyone around us) wants us to stay average.

That’s why we stack the deck in our clients’ favour. When the world tries to push them around, I help them stand their ground and push back. When people make a commitment to work with me, I make a commitment to help them get exactly where they want to be.

That’s how true coaching works.

*A positive target to shoot for*

Sometimes the media likes to spew negativity. It makes people feel guilty for where they’re at. It makes people feel like failures; beyond hope, in need of a miracle.

But we don’t need any more negativity in our lives. We’re sure you don’t either.

Why they created Precision Nutrition

For over a decade, Precision Nutrition has released hundreds of free articles and videos that share their methodology for improving your health and fitness. They are very proud of their work and will always continue to share our nutrition and exercise research and analysis for free, with anyone who wants it.

However, PN recognized long ago that some people want more structure and accountability than an article can provide. They want to get in better shape and improve their health, but they’re too busy to figure it all out on their own.

That’s why they created the Precision Nutrition Personal Coaching program.

I use Precision Nutrition Coaching tools for all of my programs and from September 2016 I have been able to provide 12 month programs delivered online via their award winning Procoach system that is used in-house by PN coaches and all accredited coaches world-wide.  Please refer to testimonials for furrher information on the success of my current groups of clients

Here is a promo video from PN explaining how the benefits of joining the 12 month programs. If you join our 12 month program the coaching will be exactly the same with one of our coaches here in the UK guiding you.

If you have 10 kilos or more to lose/gain or want to control your nutrition a little better then this program is designed for you.  Shorter programs use the same evidence based habits and lessons, designed to help you meet your goal in a shorter timescale.



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