This is all great, but who is this aimed at? 

As a nutrition coach, our role is not to tell you what to do. We simply guide you on your  journey.  Yes, we will give you the basics and help you tailor them to match your goals.  We will then help you maintain consistency and be there if you find the going tough.

So who is this aimed at?  What type of person would benefit from nutrition coaching?

We work with everyone.  Some people just want a sanity check on their current journey and we can start there.  We help busy mums trying to juggle fussy children and their own hectic home, never putting themselves first.  We reach out to busy executives, who have all the motivation, but limited time and energy for the simple tasks.  We offer FREE services to those who need operations on the NHS that require weight loss.  If you struggle to understand what your should be eating and you need to lose weight for an important operation then we can help you out. FOR FREE.

We would like to hear from transgender or gender fluid individuals who may have had or are considering surgical procedures as there is lots of evidence that improved nutrition helps hormonal balance.

We would love to hear from you if you would like support with sport specific training plans.  We have expertise in triathlon and cycling nutrition so if you want some help calculating your energy requirements for sport then we have the calculators at the ready. We also work with local fitness and personal trainers to co-ordinate a full exercise and health plan.  If you already have a coach, we are happy to contact them to ensure we don’t contradict your training plan.

Our sessions are very informal and always start with you and your requirements.  There is no one-size fits all plan.  Shorter plans are designed for people who know what they want and just want a push in the right direction, the longer online coaching platform we use called PROCOACH is aimed at supporting people who want to make life-long changes to their relationships with food.  All are easy to start and we can adapt as necessary.

Start by booking a FREE consultation and we will ensure you know which plan would suit you best.  No obligation to continue and full money back guarantee if you aren’t happy with our services.

We guarantee that we are NOT trying to sell you crappy meal plan templates, no green shake recipes and certainly no supplements.

So whatever your age, whatever your current nutrition level and whatever your goal we can provide you with evidence-led guidance. No pseudo-science or mass-marketed NHS “advice”  just quality well established personalised advice and support,

Short term packages
Individual consultations
4 and 8-week programs
bespoke packages
  • Anyone and everyone, whatever your situation, age, sex or gender.  I will tailor your nutrition to help you achieve YOUR goals.
  • Anyone who feels restricted by diet plans,  exhausted by online “resources” or simply just confused about what to eat.
  • Maybe you’re tired of being at war with your body and fighting food?
  • Maybe you are looking to train for a specific sporting event.  A marathon, A tough mudder obstacle race, cycling events…
  • We will work on better eating strategies that fit in with YOUR life.
Longer coaching program
12 month online using Procoach software 

If you have struggled with any of the following issues:

  • Yo-Yo dieting
  • Stubborn fat loss, motivation to eat well, binge eating,
  • Perfectionism/overanalysing, emotional eating, stress, anxiety, worry, overwhelm
  • Self esteem / confidence, feeling bored or unfulfilled.
  • Unhealthy dietary practices or even just calorie counting obsession

If you have answered YES to any above, then you can use this program to help you address how you got there and provide you with support, advice through better habits to help you get back on track.


  • Does life feel like 1 step forward, 2 steps back?
  • Do you sabotage yourself whenever you feel like you might be making progress?
  • Do you suffer with binge eating or emotional eating?
  • Are you stuck or plateauing and don’t know why?
  • Does your stressful, overwhelming life/work/career get in the way of what you really want?
  • Do you struggle with anxiety or guilt around food?

This program is specifically designed to be longer so each task is practised and improved upon before moving onto the next. 

Please refer to the package details in the next page, here. Because nutrition is extremely personal, we screen every applicant for any of our programs before asking for payment.  This is to ensure you are suitable for the programs before any money is taken.  We feel this helps ensure we provide the highest level of service to every client we work with.  Our terms and conditions are here.

Please note, our 12-month programs start at specific times of year.  January, after Easter, before the Summer and October to ensure that we fit in around public holidays, school holidays and to create the best chances for success.  You will need to pre-register in advance as spaces are limited on a first-come, first served basis.  Any spaces after the registration period are offered to local residents for FREE.

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a FREE Kitchen Rescue Pack – How to create meals for Superheros

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