Our programs and consultations are personalised around you.  The Blueprint is designed to provide you with support and guidance no matter what your current skills levels and knowledge of nutrition currently are.

There is a good chance you found my website because you typed “diet food”, “diet plan” or “meal plans for a specific sport” … into a search engine and ended up here. Hello and welcome if you did.

I created my company in 2015 because I had struggled to find proper reliable information about what food I should eat.

Back in the early 2000’s, I, like everyone else, wanted to be “healthy”.  But how should I act on this desire?  “Eat Less and Exercise more” was the mantra at the time.  Join a gym and eat more salads and vegetables.

But i found this very difficult.  It didn’t help me much.  What should I be eating….?  It’s a simple question.  Where would i find the answer?

So i started googling.  It was easy to find meal plans that were impossible to stick to.  I could find one-off meals, but not a structure that I could believe in.  The supermarkets wanted to sell me ready meals, were they healthy?,  I wasn’t a good cook and as a busy professional time was very limited.  I asked my doctor what i should eat and they referred me to a dietician.  Taking my body composition, my lifestyle, my skills in the kitchen and the time i had free in my hectic city life i thought they would construct me a real food plan.

But i was to be disappointed, all i got from the dietician at the time was the food pyramid, that has long since departed into food mythology.  Grains and starchy fibres at the bottom, meats and fish in the middle and fruits and vegetables at the top.  Informative, misleading and pretty useless.

So, for the next decade, I yo-yo dieted through weight loss and weight gain using pretty standard dietary practices:- Atkins, Vegetarianism, Juice-cleansing, Weight-training, Triathlons.  You name it I’ve tried it with limited success.

Until 2012, when I stumbled across Precision Nutrition.  (More of that here).

Working with Precision Nutrition I found my preferred way of aligning my eating with my habits, with my daily activity and my body type.

MY operating manual. Designed by them.Personalised for me.

A Blueprint if you like.  And like the 50,000 other clients they have worked with, things really started to gel….


What is a Nutritional Blueprint?

We will build your nutrition around you.

Nutritional support tends to fall into one of two categories:-

Prescriptive – Do this to look like this. Gym trainers/diet plans etc.

Reactive – If you feel like this, try this. Nutritional Therapists/Dieticians

Where a coaching system differs is that we will spend more time getting to know you.  We will try and understand the things you are good at, and like doing, and pinpoint the things you don’t like, aren’t very good at, or are holding you back.

From there we will then create an action plan to take forward.  Creating small achievable tasks and habits you can succeed at. We will monitor and reflect and then adapt your plan.

Sound simple?  Its meant to be.  We truly believe simplification leads to success.

And thats how we approach nutrition coaching.  We know others will want to sell you meal plans to stick to.  Prescribe the same course of action that worked for another client and duplicated for maximum appeal.  Perhaps you’ve tried this approach before?  We certainly have. Try them out, then come and talk to us.

Our guarantee is that we will always focus on you.


It’s about WHAT, WHY, WHEN and HOW we eat.

All of our programs will help you review these in a fun and informative way. We will take a snapshot at the start, apply some simple habits and guidance to help you create your own operating manual, personalised just for you.

A Nutritional Blueprint fit for a….SUPERHERO…

Need help with your fitness and nutrition goals?


Four times a year we work with small groups of men and women who want to get in the best shape of their life and stay that way for good.

Our next coaching program starts on the 6th September

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